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CAS GH release management

esup-cas-devel is a package used by CAS GH developers to maintain releases. It is contains an Ant build.xml file, of which you can use the export target to create ready-to-distribute archives of the esup-casgeneric, esup-cas-server, esup-cas-quick-start and esup-cas-devel packages.

All these packages can be downloaded from the download section of the project page.

CAS GH developers use Eclipse to get a nice programming environment fitted to Ant.

Ant 1.6.1+ is needed

In order to make the <concatFilter> tag work within filterChains, Ant 1.6.1 (at least) is needed.

How to install a different version of Ant in Eclipse

As Eclipse 3.0.M7 is shipped with Ant 1.6.0, you needed to change the Ant program used by this version of Eclipse to get the dist target working. Here is the way to get help to do it:

  1. in Eclipse, under the "help" menu, select "Help Contents";
  2. in the left hand (content) frame of the help page, expand the "workbench user guide" book;
  3. under the "workbench user guide" book, expand the "concepts" chapter,
    then the "external tools" subchapter
  4. click on the "ant support" topic. this loads ant support info in the right hand frame;
  5. at the bottom of this is a link titled "Using a different version of Ant" which leads to a page with all the info you need;
  6. follow the instructions to "Change the Ant runtime classpath" (simply replace the original ant JARs by yours).

Additional libraries

To add an external jar to Eclipse Window -> Preferences -> Ant -> Runtime -> Add External Jars


SFTP (Secured File Transfert Protocol) is used within Ant to upload the HTML documentation to the web site of the project. jsch jar > 1.0.7 should be downloaded from and added to Ant Jars.


FTP is used to upload archives to As ftp is an optional ant task, some additionnal libraries are neeed. The commons-net library should be downloaded from and added to Ant jars. Logo

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