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last update 31-August-2007 11:53AM

CAS Generic Handler: a generic authentication handler for CAS (Central Authentication Service)

CAS Generic Handler is a plugin giving CAS (ITS Central Authentication Service) the ability to authenticate users with different methods (LDAP, database, files, NIS, ...).

CAS GH is 100% Java software. It was originally written by Jean-Baptiste Daniel (while student at University of Rennes 1), then it was completly rewritten and is currently maintained by Pascal Aubry (University of Rennes 1) under the scope of the ESUP-Portail consortium.

Get a CAS server quick start and set up a CAS server in few minutes!

Since version 1.0, three different packages are provided to users:

  1. esup-cas-quick-start: a Tomcat-based CAS quick start package that allows anybody to install a complete CAS server in few minutes;

  2. esup-cas-server: a preconfigured CAS server source hierarchy (with CAS GH), to give people using an other servlet container an already-working CAS server environement;

  3. esup-casgeneric: the original CAS GH, alone.

Hope you will enjoy these new packages.

Integrate your own handler into CAS GH!

Since version 2.0, it is possible to add your own handler without modifying the existing code.


multiple authentication
debug mode
authentication low-level configuration
Easy handler integration
CAS server patch
HTML rendering configuration
CAS server internationalization
authentication high-level configuration
servlet container integration
HTTPS configuration

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