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CAS GH news

2007/07/09 - CAS GH 2.1.0 is released

Minor bug fixes by Andrew Newman and Salim Benjoudi.

2006/05/18 - CAS GH 2.0.7 is released

Support for Active Directory was added by Patrick Schnellmann (SWITCH).

2006/04/18 - CAS GH 2.0.6 is released

A minor enhancement requested by the French Identity Federation.

2004/10/17 - CAS GH 2.0.5 is released

RC for three months, 2.0.5 can be considered as quite stable ;-)

2004/07/12 - Last sources are now available on the sourceforge CVS repository

User access:

  • type: pserver
  • username: anonymous
  • server:
  • CVS root: /cvsroot/esup-casgeneric

Developer access (you should be declared as CAS GH developer first):

  • type: extssh
  • username: your sourceforge Id
  • server:
  • CVS root: /cvsroot/esup-casgeneric

2004/07/08 - CAS GH 2.0.4 is released

Jean-Louis Renaud fixed an old bug that was preventing users to have spaces in the path of their servlet container.

2004/06/24 - CAS GH 2.0.3 is released

MD5 encryption code (written in a very early version) was intended to validate a Linux PAM/OpenBSD/FreeBSD compatible md5-encoded password hash, not a usual md5. Robert Legros corrected this by writing a real MD5 encryption, and renamed the old 'md5' encryption 'pammd5'.

As a consequence, default encryption for NisHandler is now 'pammd5'.

2004/06/23 - CAS GH 2.0.2 is released

Greek translation was added by Haniotakis Vangelis. To use it, simply add the following line to your properties file:


2004/06/17 - CAS GH 2.0.1 is released

A security hole was discovered in version 2.0.0, that allowed malicious client to execute arbitrary SQL. People using QueryDatabaseHandler or SearchDatabaseHandler should upgrade immediatly.

2004/06/09 - CAS GH 2.0.0 is released

Version 2.0.0 has been written to ease the integration of new handlers, without any modification of the existing code. No DTD is used any more for the XML configuration. Authentication is configured by a list of handlers, specified by a class and a specific handler configuration.

For instance, people relying on LDAP authentication may now use something like:


This stands for people using low-level configuration; people using high-level configuration won't see any change.

It is highly recommended that users of 1.0.x LDAP handlers upgrade to 2.0.0 because of a bug fix. Version 2.0.0 also brings many enhancements and new features (see the history for details).

2004/05/25 - CAS GH 1.0.5 is released

cas-server and jakarta-tomcat were respectively upgraded to 2.0.12 and 5.0.24, as well as a few other changes.

2004/04/28 - CAS GH 1.0.4 is released

A small bug in the default port used for LDAP authentication was corrected by Franck Arnulfo. No need to upgrade, LDAP users all bypassed the bug themselves by specifying the port themselves.

2004/04/24 - CAS GH 1.0.3 is released

Many enhancements were added to make esup-cas-server and esup-cas-quick-start more customizable (please refer to the history).

2004/04/05 - CAS GH 1.0.2 is released

CAS GH DTD was changed to accept non 389 default value for LDAPS authentication (Frédéric Jacquot).

2004/03/31 - CAS GH 1.0.1 is released

Minor bug fixes and documentation enhancements (please refer to the history).

2004/03/30 - CAS GH 1.0.0 is released

ESUP-Portail CAS Generic Handler is now proposed as three packages:

  • esup-cas-quick-start: a Tomcat-based CAS quick start package that allows anybody to install a complete CAS server in few minutes;
  • esup-cas-server: a preconfigured CAS server source hierarchy (with CAS GH), to give people using an other servlet container an already-working CAS server environement;
  • esup-casgeneric: the original CAS GH, alone.

1.0.0 is a major release, but should still be considered in a beta stage.

2004/01/21 - CAS GH 0.2.3-2 is released

Some files were missing in the previous distribution: build.xml, web.xml, genericHandler.xml (Todd Runstein).

2003/11/13 - CAS GH 0.2.3 is released

Julien Marchal (University of Nancy 2) fixed a bug that was preventing LDAP users to connect with non-ascii characters in their password and made log4j output customizable with an XML configuration file.

2003/10/07 - CAS GH 0.2.2 is released

  • Few bug fixes
  • Test handlers
  • RejectHandler, a handler used to reject some specific users.

2003-09-22 - CAS GH 0.2.1 is released

Few bug fixes by Julien Marchal (University of Nancy 2) in the NIS and LDAP handlers and some enhancements of the documentation.

CAS GH is running at University of Nancy 2.

2003-09-16 - CAS GH 0.2beta is released

The org.esup.cas.server.GenericHandler package has been completly rewritten.

The main visible change is the redundancy of LDAP, database and NIS servers.

BTW, debugging mode has been seriously improved (each part of the authentication can be debugged independently from the rest).

2003-09-03 - CAS GH 0.1beta is released

The plugin allows CAS servers to authenticate users beside:

  • an LDAP directory, regardless of its internal organization (bind and fast_bind methods);
  • a database (by binding or research);
  • a NIS domain;
  • a file.

An XML configuration file specify which methods should be used and in which order they sould be tried (until one is sucessfull).

This is the very first release, thus it should considered as a beta release.

It was written by Jean-Baptiste Daniel (while student at University of Rennes 1).

2003-08-27 - CAS GH moved to sourceforge

The project page is now located at

The documentation and other links can be found on this web site ( Logo

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