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last update 31-August-2007 11:53AM

CAS Generic Handler download

CAS Generic Handler is now (from version 1.0.0) proposed to users as three packages:

  • esup-casgeneric: the CAS Generic Handler, to be deployed into the cas-server sources hierarchy, as it was originally proposed until version 0.2.3;

  • esup-cas-server: the CAS Generic Handler, already shipped into Yale ITS CAS server;

  • esup-cas-quick-start: an Apache Jakarta Tomcat-based quick-start package for Yale ITS CAS server, shipped with the CAS Generic Handler.

All the sources can be downloaded from the download section of the project page, hosted by SourceForge.

A fourth package (esup-cas-devel) is used by developers to maintain sources and create new releases of the three user packages.

If you use one of these packages, please let me know! Logo

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